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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog

Hello, welcome to my new blog. This is the new me. This blog will remain stable for about one year from now since i had a new hosting from Zenpipe. Yeah it is a shared hosting, but at lease it is more stable than my previous custom VPS hosting :)

On 3rd November Zenpipe has release a promotion code of 10 free shared hosting (RM99 package / year) everyday until November 30 (yeah of course only for first year subscription). Go grab yours now! Hmm. Where is the links? I do realise that I don’t provide any links to Zenpipe as I am very confident that all of my readers know how to use a magic web service called Google.

I just registers 3 account and get 3 free hosting for a year.LOL You guys should use this opportunity too!
The new company

Hey, have you realize that I had launch my new website company last week? No? Yeah of course no. If you are interested to see my newly launch website, do go to http://komrad.my and see the website and comment on how it looks and performs.